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Finchley Road, Childs Hill, Barnet, London

We were appointed by StockWool architects as landscape architects for this mixed use residential scheme located in West London. We initially developed a sketch landscape design proposal for a Planning approved scheme to enable the architect to seek their client’s approval. We were then tasked to provide the architect with landscape architect’s information to discharge Planning Conditions. Once Conditions were approved we then provided a full tender package of landscape architect’s information to enable the tender of the soft landscape element of works.

Our landscape architects needed to carefully consider the landscape design of the courtyard space and the south frontage of the residential block as both of these spaces are located over a podium deck to a lower ground floor car parking area. The details for all planters within these zones were carefully considered so as to provide a suitable growing zone for grass, shrub and climbing planting. Carefully consideration was also required at the interface between the flat landscape to the south of the south building block and the sloping footway of Llanvanor Road. There is a significant level change along this elevation and the treatment of the proposed retaining wall needed careful detailing so as to create a pleasant environment.

The planting design for the areas over the podium deck slab needed to consider the potentially stressed environment in which these plants are expected to grow. Both the limited depth of topsoil required in these locations and the shading cast by the adjacent proposed buildings were considdered.

The faces of the building elevations fronting onto the courtyard space were to be greened with climbing plants, effectively creating green walls. Our landscape architects considered the landscape design element carefully so as to ensure the plants specified would thrive in the locations in which they were to be grown.

Landscape Institutes Work Stages: E to F/G

Client: Affinity Sutton

Architect: StockWool