Work Stages

Stages 0-1 (A/B) - Inception & Feasibility

Our landscape architect’s services at the inception stage include assessing the client and other members of the design teams requirements; the identification of the existing landscape and urban character; the identification of the landscape constraints and opportunities of the site; the review of the client’s brief and the provision of an outline program (Hotel Neptune). The preparation of a concept landscape design sketch; landscape design diagrams and a feasibility report form part of the feasibility element of our services (Liverpool Grove).

Stage 2 (C) – Outline

Working with other members of the design team our landscape architect’s services at Stage C of the design process typically include the preparation of an outline landscape design (Gutenborg) indicating general spatial arrangement; an outline planting and material palettes, CDM risk assessment; and a landscape Stage C report (Belsize Park). If required we will coordinate to appointment of an ecologist &/ or arboricultural consultant. We may also prepare landscape related information for an Outline Planning Application at this stage  (Star Lane Ph2).

Stage 3 (D) – Sketch

Our landscape architect’s services at Stage D include the refinement and development the agreed outline design. With input from other members of the design team we prepare a package of landscape related information for submitting to the Local Authority as part of a detailed planning submission (Ashby Road). Our outputs at this stage include a landscape general arrangement drawing (indication types of material, boundary treatments and areas/ types of planting); a landscape design report; and a CDM risk assessment. Our landscape design report generally includes a a site analysis; a site wide rendered plan; a schematic planting plan; typical rendered sections; a rendered perspective view; tree removals plan; play area details (if applicable); Green roof details & plan (if applicable) material and plant images and supporting landscape design text to accompany each chapter (Bow Road Ph1). If required, we may coordination of works relating to the ecological &/ or arboricultural consultants.

Stage 4a (E) – Detailed

Our landscape architect’s services at Stage E include the design development of the planning consented scheme (Highbury Grove). Our outputs at this stage may include a landscape general arrangement drawing (which specifies material, boundary treatments and areas of planting), a planting plan (indicating species, size and density), general landscape construction detailing and CDM risk assessments (Plough Lane, Addiscombe Road). The level of landscape information produce at this stage is sufficient to submit to the Local Planning Authority to clear landscape related planning conditions/ reserved matters (Crown Street).

Stages 4b (F/G) – Production Information/ Tender Action

Our Landscape architect’s services at Stage F/G include the preparation of a full landscape architect’s package of technical information (Clyde Road). This enables the tender of the external works and soft landscape packages (Hills Road). Our outputs at this stage include landscape general arrangement drawings (defining areas of paving, kerbs, boundary treatments, street furniture, lighting) (Tudor Court); planting plans (indicating species, size and density, numbers and locations); soil depths plan; vegetation to be removed plan; demolition plan; setting out drawings; landscape levels drawings; typical landscape detail drawings; CDM risk assessments and full external works and soft landscape specifications(Totteridge Lane). We are also able to provide below ground service co-ordination plans(Mile End Road).

Stages 4b (H/J) – Contract Preparation

Our Landscape architect’s services at Stage H/J include helping our clients to appoint a suitable, competent landscape and external works contractor (Chesterford Research Park – Science Village). Our input at this stage include advising on suitable contractors; attending contractor interviews; reviewing tender returns; issuing a tender report; and advising our clients on our recommended contractor (High Road).

Stage 5 (K) – Operations on Site

Our Landscape architect’s services at Stage K help to ensure a quality landscape and external works scheme is delivered at completion (East Village Marketing Suite). Our services offered at this stage include monitoring/ inspecting the on site landscape works; the production of landscape architect’s site inspection reports; the attendance at progress meetings; respond to Request For Information’s (RFI’s); respond to contractor’s landscape queries; amend landscape architect’s drawings/ specifications; inspect contractor proposed plant material at the nursery; provide landscape architect’s information for the Operations and Maintenance Manual (Ravenscourt House). If necessary we are able to carry out contract administrators duties; chair meetings; prepare / issue minutes; prepare/ issue certificates and prepare/ issue instructions.

Stage 6 (L) – Completion

Our Landscape architect’s services at Stage L take place at the end of the defects liability period. Our services offered at this stage are to carry out the final inspection of the landscape architectural works and to issue a final snagging list (Chesterford Research Park – Science Village). If we are carrying out contract administrators duties we will issue final certificate.

Additional Services

Our Landscape architect’s services included within additional services are the preparation of landscape management plans and/or landscape maintenance schedules; inspect contractor proposed plant material at the nursery; protracted/ detailed negotiations with Planning Authority; protracted/ detailed negotiations with Statutory Bodies; prepare reports on the condition/ quality of existing vegetation; prepare Open Space Assessment (Salter Street); prepare Landscape Assessment (The Oaks); prepare Landscape and Visual Assessment (LVIA); prepare rendered visualisation (The Grove); prepare rendered plans (Finchley Road); prepare rendered sections (Grange Road) or prepare material for public consultation (Avenue School).


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