Our landscape architects collaboratively prepared a landscape design for this high profile public open space in the heart of Birmingham in readiness for this open competition hosted by RIBA and the Landscape Institute. Our landscape architect ‘s submission comprised of a number of illustrations which captured our vision.

This space needed to accommodate a bus route and a tram stop/ terminus to its south side. To the square’s north elevation are three notable buildings; Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Library of Birmingham and Baskerville House. Connecting to the south side of the square is the notable Broad Street, a popular night spot in central Birmingham. Existing prominent features within the square include the Hall of Memory at its east end and the Library’s light well atrium located at the centre of the square.

Our landscape architect’s proposal provides a single coherent surface treatment across the entire space, from building frontage to building frontage. The intention was to make the public realm bound by the buildings larger and to unify the space. The landscape design responded to the three buildings to the square’s north elevation. Ripples emanate out from these buildings and the objects associated with them, forming a distinct pattern in the ground plane. These ripples help to generate the geometry of various landscape and structural elements within this space; including terraces, raised planters and seating.

The landscape design create a series of flexible spaces throughout. The zone surrounding the Hall of Memory has been designed to be used as a thoroughfare, a place to pause and as an appropriate setting for memorial events. The zone fronting the library incorporates a variety of intimate and open spaces and provides an appropriate entrance setting for the library. The zone fronting the theatre accommodates a dedicated theatre terrace, an urban forest and water jets. It was anticipated that this space would have the capability to host large public events.

Landscape Institutes Work Stages: 1 to 2

Client: RIBA & Landscape Institute