We were appointed as landscape architects by a project manager client who was representing a well known supermarket chain for this new build store in Witham, Essex.  We were initially tasked with the preparation of a sketch landscape design so discussions could be had and agreements made with the Local Authority’s Landscape Officer. Once all parties were satisfied with the proposals our landscape architects proceeded with the preparation of landscape architect ‘s information to satisfy Reserved Matters. A full landscape architect ‘s package of information to enable the tender of the external works was then prepared. We were also tasked to monitor the on site landscape works as they progressed through to the completion of the project.

This site already had outline planning consent for a retail development in this location. Our landscape architects worked closely with the architects to develop a landscape design that satisfied the prescriptive requirements of the Local Planning department’s Landscape Officer. In addition to the requirements of the Local Authority we needed to provide the end user with a building and setting that satisfied their own specific prescriptive requirements.

The existing treed edge to the north west corner of the site was a particularly sensitive area for the Local Authority and required our careful attention. The Landscape Officer was very keen that this existing edge treatment should be preserved and extended further. The planting species specified for this treed edge were to be of native provenance. In addition a number of large land mark trees were specified at the corner of the site, adjacent to the roundabout. The end users required that the site edges should provide views of the store from passing vehicles. Our landscape architects worked hard to resolve this apparent conflict and a landscape design was developed which satisfied the planners and the end user.

Landscape Institutes Work Stages: D to L

Client: Churchmanor Estates Co. Plc.

Architect: BCR Infinity Architects