The Landscape architect has the ability to improve our human experiences by the design of integrated communities and the creation of uplifting places which enable us to connect with our shared urban and rural environments.

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As a design focused company of landscape architects located in central London, we bring an imaginative and pragmatic design approach to each project we encounter. Our landscape architects thrive on the challenge of working as part of complex multi disciplinary design teams and believe that elegant landscape design solutions are achieved through the application of the intellect and the imagination. Our aim is to provide clients with landscape design solutions that are elegant, attractive and create meaningful public and private spaces. These should enhance the setting of any surrounding architecture, fulfill any technical requirements and stitch the development site seamlessly into its surrounding context. Our landscape architects are experienced in all areas of landscape design and we are able to deliver all of the Landscape Institute’s Work Stages.



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08th February 2016

Davis Landscape Architecture Maurice Wilkes Building Cambridge Landscape Architect Rendered Masterplan PlanningWe are pleased to announce our landscape masterplan and supplementary information has been submitted to South Cambridge District Council and Cambridge City Council as part of a detailed planning submission for a new building and associated facilities on this 1.1Ha site located within St John’s Innovation Park, Cambridge. Working closely with the architect and engineers our landscape masterplan accommodates planted swales and permeable paving as part of the site’s Sustainable Urban Drainage Strategy (SUDS). Parking, vehicular running surfaces, pedestrian footpaths, amenity spaces and structural planting all formed part of our remit. Once Planning Consent is given we will proceed with the production of a tender package of information for the external works.

30th September 2015

Davis Landscape Architecture - Witham Aldi Landscape Architect Works CompleteThe external works are now complete on a new shopping store for Aldi in Gershwin Park, Witham. This 1Ha site contains the store along its north boundary with associated car parking to its south. Our landscape masterplan incorporated a significant buffer strip of planting to the south and west of the car park to afford screening from the public realm and adjacent highway. Our landscape architects worked closely with the engineer to resolve the levels interface between the existing and proposed ground conditions. This ensured DDA compliant access was provided and falls were appropriate for surface water drainage. This store is due for opening in November 2015.

16th September 2015

Davis Landscape Architecture - Sarena House Start Site Works Start SmWork has now started on Galliard Homes’ Silver Works site in Colindale, north London. This 1.1Ha site is to contain a mixture of 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments and a number of 4 bedroom town houses.  Associated with these 182 dwellings is parking (above and below ground), play areas, communal garden and private gardens. We have worked with the design team to successfully sign off all pre commencement landscape related conditions. Our landscape architects’ masterplan and construction package of information is now being implemented and the project is due for completion in spring 2017.